Green and Low-Carbon International Cooperation Committee

To tackle climate change, promote global carbon neutrality, and drive the green, low-carbon, and sustainable growth of key domestic industries, CCCME is scheduled to establish the Green & Low-carbon International Cooperation Committee (henceforth "the Committee") in October 2021. The first committee is composed of 68 leading enterprises. In the concepts of openness, cooperation, cutting edge and internationalization, the Committee devotes to enhance government-business dialogues, organize industry exchange activities, connect downstream and upstream enterprises, share information, and promote financial cooperation among many key missions. Relying on the innovative capability, mature technology, launched projects, experiences, and other advantages of the Committee members and partners in green and low-carbon development, the Committee focuses on expanding international cooperation on areas like the green transition of energy, industrial optimization and upgrading, green transportation, low-carbon infrastructure, circular economy, technology innovation, the third-party market cooperation, and financial cooperation. The Committee invites domestic and foreign chambers of commerce and other institutes as the Committee’s strategic partners, invites renowned Chinese and oversea experts as consultants, and expands cooperation in depth and scale. The Committee stands ready to join friends from different sectors for greater international cooperation on green and low-carbon development.